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HOT PRODUCTS: Triacetoneamine and its derivatives | Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers | UV Absorbers | Polymerization inhibitor | Pesticides & Intermediates | 

New Materials Sector

Focus on plastics and coating additives

Fine Chemicals

Pesticide technology and intermediate business

Commissioned processing plate

Negotiate with companies that require processing, custom research and development in the fields of new materials and fine chemicals


Jiangsu FOPIA Chemicals Co., Ltd.(FOPIA) is a new material section (Binhai Jinxiang Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd.) and fine chemical section (Jiangsu FOPIA Chemicals Co., Ltd.) and a wholly-owned subsidiary. Jiangsu FOPIA Chemicals Co., Ltd. (FOPIA) is located in the Feixiang New Material Industrial Park in Yancheng Coastal Chemical Industry Park, covering an area of 510 acres. The company has obvious geographical advantages. It is about 90 minutes away from Yancheng and Lianyungang Airport, 40 minutes from Binhai Port High Speed Rail Station, and 7.5 kilometers from the National Second Class Open Port. With the opening of the Yantong Railway in 2020...




CHINAPLAS 2020 Rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 at N

/Public/userfiles/files/CPS2020 New Show Dates Announcement (ENG)(3).pdf ...



FOPIA will participate in CAC on February 24-26,20

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Booth No.:N1M26 21st china International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition will be ...



FOPIA will participate in K-Show on October 16-23,

K-show is the Worlds No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber.FOPIA will participate in K-Show on October 16-23,2019. FOPIA is one of the ho...



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Factory Add: 1# Zhongshan Road, Yanhai Economic Development Park, Binhai County, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

Sales Add: No.425, Changyang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China

Tel: +86-512-67995013 (Auxiliary & Fine Chemicals), +86-512-67995015 (Pesticides & Intermediates)

Fax: +86-515-89112855    E-mail: info@feixiangchem.com

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